LifePoint Brussels

Posted on Saturday, 05 January 2019 in God and I

Last year, I've found myself a new spiritual home: LifePoint.

LifePoint Brussels is an installment of the LifePoint church founded in Tennessee, US. It is a modern baptist church. You can find out about its core principles, belief and values here.

Why is LifePoint a great place?

I love LifePoint for the following reasons:

  • It's 100% grounded in God's Word.
  • Copies of the Bible are handed out in the service, so that everyone can read along.
  • The pastors of LifePoint are living Christians.
  • They use every day language and touch subjects that matter for one's daily life, including unpopular or uncomfortable ones!
  • It's all about Jesus, why He matters and gives meaning to our life and how we can follow Him on a day to day basis.
  • The LifePoint worship band plays great modern worship music in every service.
  • There are Small Groups, to dig deeper into the Word in smaller circles while having fellowship and a good time.
  • All sermons are published online, so you can rewatch them (or watch them in the first place, if you can't make it to a service).
  • It's fully bilingual English and French. A great opportunity to practice and/or learn any of those languages!
  • It is a big, lively, welcoming, easy going and friendly family.

So, whether you are a Christian or a seeker who lives in the Brussels area - you're welcome to pass by. You'll find all the info here.